Vetted cleaners

Huiscleaning only offers vetted cleaners, so we can ensure that there is a better match between the customer and cleaner. The one-time mediation fee for a vetted cleaner is €34,95
You receive an invoice as soon as we have proposed a suitable cleaner.

The cleaner is screened at three moments:

  1. Moment of registration

    Cleaners can register themselves at Huiscleaning. They have to fill in their previous work experience, motivation, references and personal data. With this information we decide if a cleaner continues in our selection procedure.
  2. Integrity interview

    Cleaners can apply for available adresses in their area. From these candidates we invite the one, who meets your requirments the best for our integrity interview. This interview has been compiled by the independent party DIIS (Digital Interactive Interview System): a company that is specialised in screening staff on their integrity. Questions are asked about keeping appointments, theft, alcohol, drugs, etc. Only if the candidate passes this test, we have an interview.
  3. Interview with a staff member of Huiscleaning

    We discuss motivation and previous work experience of the candidate. We also check her personal data and we explain our method. Only when the interview was positive and the candidate meets your requirments we propose her.

    You receive a mail that we found a suitable candidate and you can keep an introductory meeting with the candidate.

  4. ID verification (iDIN) cleaners

    All payments at Huiscleaning are done by our payment provider Online Betaalplatform. All cleaners need to verify their ID to prevent identity fraud and to guarentee the security of the payment transactions. The ID verification can be easily completed via iDIN or the cleaners can send us a copy of their ID. With the help of this extra ID verification we and you as a client have more certainty about the identity of a cleaner. This way we reduce the chance of any false identities. iDIN complies with all requirements of the new European privacy legislation (AVG).

Rating system

We also have a rating system, which gives the customers the opportunity to review their cleaner at reliability, communication and quality. Customers receive an invitation to review their cleaner after a few months.

A cleaner with a bad review will not be placed at another address. When the proposed cleaner stops or there’s no match, we'll match you with a new cleaner for free during the first 6 months.

* Only cleaners who work since January 1, 2016 take the integrity interview.