Terms and conditions - customers

1. Validity

These terms and conditions apply to all Huiscleaning services.

2. Services

Huiscleaning acts as a mediator between you, the client, and the cleaner. The cleaner works directly for the client via the regulation ‘dienstverlening aan huis’. The cleaners who work via Huiscleaning are not our employees. Huiscleaning only has a mediating role and therefore cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of a cleaner. As a client you have access to the Huiscleaning login system.

3. Mediation fee

You’ll receive the invoice of the one-time mediation fee of €34,95 when we found a cleaner that meets the requirements you specified in the online application form. The mediation fee needs to be paid regardless of whether or not you employ this cleaner. Should you require a new cleaner, Huiscleaning will always start a new search free of charge. Should Huiscleaning not succeed in finding a new cleaner within six weeks, and no hours have been made by one of our cleaners, your search will be cancelled and the mediation fee will be returned in full.

4. Revocation

Once you request a cleaner, you agree to deliver the service (proposing a cleaner) within the 14 days reflection period and you waive your right to dissolve as soon as the service is delivered.

You will receive a confirmation once we are able to suggest a cleaner. We send out the invoice for the mediation fee as soon as the confirmation email has been sent. You can cancel your search request, free of charge, as long as Huiscleaning has not suggested a cleaner.

5. Payment

1. Huiscleaning determines the minimum rates, when applicable, annually on January 1st. The hourly rate is an all-in-rate composed of the service provider’s wage, including holiday pay, vacation days and sickness payment. The remaining part consists of service- and administration costs for Huiscleaning.

2. You can choose your own hourly rate, with a minimum of €14,-. 

3. Huiscleaning sends out the monthly invoice in name of, on behalf of, and by order of the cleaner. Payment must be completed within 7 days of the billing date. In case of failure of payment Huiscleaning will be required to charge extra collection fees, administrative expenses as well as interest. For payment, a third party account is utilised, by payment provider Online Betaalplatform. Online Betaalplatform ensures a direct payment to the cleaner. 

4. There is a payment obligation for all services of the cleaner.

6. Warranty

Should your cleaner’s work not be up to satisfaction or should they quit, Huiscleaning will look for a new cleaner free of charge.

7. Replacement

Huiscleaning offers the opportunity to look for a replacement cleaner. A request for a replacement cleaner must be sent to us at least 24 hours in advance.

8. Liability

Huiscleaning cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of a cleaner.

In the unlikely event that a cleaner causes damage or suffers personal injuries, the client is required to make an appeal to their own home / liability insurance. Should the insurance not, or not adequately cover the costs, an appeal may be made to Huiscleaning’s additional insurance. There is a €250,- excess should an appeal be made. Huiscleaning is at all times limited to the amount paid in relevant case by the insurer.

9. Competition clause

Within one year after termination of the agreement with your cleaner via the mediation of Huiscleaning it is prohibited to have the same cleaner in private sphere or through another office. This will be penalized with a fine of € 100,- a day.

10. Complaints

Complaints may be reported through our complaint form. Should this complaint pertain to your cleaner, Huiscleaning will act as a mediator between the client and cleaner. Should Huiscleaning receive multiple validated complaints about a particular cleaner, appropriate measures will be taken.

11. Privacy

Huiscleaning attaches great importance to processing your personal data. This is done in a manner that is in line with the guidelines of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

12. Adjustment Terms and Conditions

Huiscleaning is qualified to apply changes to the Terms and Condition and website. Adjustments will be posted on the website on a timely manner.

13. Newsletter

You will receive a monthly newsletter from Huiscleaning. You may unsubscribe at all times.