Terms and conditions - cleaners


These terms and conditions apply to all Huiscleaning Services.

2. Services

Huiscleaning acts as a mediator between cleaners and clients. Huiscleaning connects cleaners to clients. The cleaner works directly for the client via the regulation ‘dienstverlening aan huis’. Huiscleaning only has a mediating role.

3. Personal data

Your personal data should always be up-to-date. Huiscleaning only uses your personal data for the purpose they are meant for. This is done in a manner that is in line with the guidelines of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

Please contact Huiscleaning or edit your details in the login system if there is a change in your personal data.

4. Apply to vacancies

You can only to available addresses if you meet all of the client’s requirements and your personal data are up-to-date. If you apply to a specific address you must be willing to work there. If you are proposed to a client and you do not meet the client’s specified requirements, Huiscleaning will be entitled to charge you with a €10,- fine.

5. Connecting

A staff member of Huiscleaning will always call or email you if you are chosen for a specific address. You will receive a confirmation mail upon being connected to this client. The client will contact you for an interview. Huiscleaning cannot guarantee the client will get in touch with you. If you are proposed to a client and you do not meet the client’s specified requirements or appointments are not attended, Huiscleaning will be entitled to charge you with a €10,- fine.

6. Collaboration

Should the introductory meeting with the client be successful, and the client wishes to employ you, it is important to notify Huiscleaning. You can do so by changing the status in the login system, or by contacting Huiscleaning.

7. Competition clause

Within one year after termination of the agreement with your client via the mediation of Huiscleaning it is prohibited to offer your services to this client, whether in private sphere or through another office. This will be penalized with a fine of € 100,- a day.

8. Registration hours worked

Every month you are required to fill in your hours worked using the login system. Clients will then receive an invoice monthly.

Should you not fill in your worked hours, Huiscleaning will be entitled to charge you with a €100,- euro fine (monthly).

The same amount will be charged if you falsely indicate you are not or no longer working via Huiscleaning. If a client wishes to discontinue your services, you are obliged to report this to Huiscleaning.

9. Hourly wage

The standard hourly wage is €11,50. This includes holiday pay, statutory holiday entitlement and short absence.

10. Payment

Huiscleaning sends out the monthly invoice in name of, on behalf of, and by order of the cleaner. For payment, a third party account is utilised, by payment provider PayCheckout. PayCheckout ensures a direct payment of the cleaner’s wages. Should payment be delayed, Huiscleaning will keep in touch with the client to ensure timely payment.

There is a transaction fee (€0,10) charged per invoice per transfer. There is a one time verification fee (€0,50) for verifying your bank account.

11. Liability

Huiscleaning cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of clients, damage to property, work methods and suchlike.

12. Adjustment Terms and Conditions

Huiscleaning is qualified to apply changes to the Terms and Condition and website. Adjustments will be posted on the website on a timely manner. 

13. Newsletter

You will receive a monthly newsletter from Huiscleaning. You may unsubscribe at all times.