Regulation ‘Dienstverlening aan huis’

Individuals (principal) can easily hire a cleaner with the Dutch regulation ‘Dienstverlening aan huis.’ As a client you don’t need to pay all kinds of premiums and taxes for your cleaner.


  • The client can easily and without high administrative costs hire a cleaner.
  • No severance payment required.
  • Declared work


  • The client pays the minimum wage. This is the case at Huiscleaning.
  • The cleaner is entitled to paid vacation in proportion to the hours worked and a holiday allowance of 8%. The paid vacation and holiday allowance of 8% are already included in the hourly wage.
  • The cleaner is also entitled to sickness benefit up to 6 weeks if they can show a doctor's certificate. The sickness benefit is 70% of the minimum wage. This is paid by Huiscleaning. In the case of short-term absence (first two working days) of the cleaner there is no payment.
  • The cleaner must give up her income to the tax authorities. Huiscleaning provides an annual statement.
  • As a client you can hire a cleaner up to 3 days a week.

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