Procedure cleaner

Just 2 steps for receiving a cleaner

Step 1

Fill in the application form and give up your preferences to request a cleaner. You only pay the one-time mediation fee when we proposed a cleaner.

Step 2

We will immediately start looking for a suitable cleaner that meets your requirements. You will also receive your user details for the login system. We will contact you by mail when we found a cleaner. No cleaner after 7 days you receive a notification from us.


3 steps with your cleaner

Step 3

If we found a suitable cleaner that meets your requirements you can see her personal data via the login system. You receive the invoice for the one-time mediation fee by mail. You can arrange an interview with the proposed cleaner. If you don’t like the proposed cleaner let us know and we will look for a new cleaner. This is free.

Step 4

We advise to sign a contract with your cleaner so that there cannot be a misunderstanding later. You can set up a trial period, terms of notice etc. A sample contract is available via the login system.

Step 5

At the end of each month you receive an invoice with the hours worked by your cleaner. This invoice is paid to a third money bankaccount by bank transfer. No cash payments! It is also possible to authorize us for direct debit. We make sure that your cleaner gets paid.

You can use the login systeem. This has the following benefits:

  • Contact details cleaner
  • Overview of invoices
  • Documents with tips and information
  • Sample contract
  • The cleaner receives a monthly and an annual statement