One-time mediation fee

The invoice for the one time mediation fee of €34,95 will be sent as soon as we have found a cleaner who meets the requirements as stated in the online application form. A confirmation will have been sent to you by e-mail.

Vetted cleaners

We only offer vetted screeners. A vetted cleaner will have successfully finished our DIIS integrity interview and had an interview with one of our employees.

The integrity interview has been made in collaboration with independent party DIIS. Herein questions are asked concerning trustworthiness, punctuality, alcohol, drugs, et cetera. Only when this is finished successfully, the cleaner will be invited to an interview. During the interview we discuss previous work experience, motivation, check the cleaner’s details and explain our working method.

We also utilise an evaluation system with which clients can evaluate their cleaners based on reliability, communication and quality.

Looking for a new cleaner free of charge

We send out the invoice for the one-time mediation fee as soon as we have connected you to a cleaner. We will search for a different cleaner free of charge, should your cleaner quit or should you wish to find a new cleaner. Would you like us to find a new cleaner? Please contact customer service.

Should Huiscleaning not succeed in finding a cleaner, and no hours have been made by one of our cleaners, your search will be cancelled and the mediation fee returned in full.

* The integrity interview will only be taken by cleaners who have become active through Huiscleaning after January 1st 2016 and have not worked via us previously.