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Personeel Huiscleaning

Vetted cleaners for individuals

Huiscleaning is a concept of H-Cleaning B.V.
Since 2004 H-Cleaning B.V. offers various services for individuals. All the services are related to activities in and around the house.

We find it important to have reliable cleaners. We find a suitable cleaner by looking to the requirements you specified in the online application form. With those requirements we make a careful selection from our database of cleaners. If you don’t like the proposed cleaner let us know and we will look for a new cleaner for free.

Besides finding a suitable cleaner we also take care of the administration. In our login system you find useful information concerning hiring a cleaner, sample contract and all sorts of tips. And if you ever have any questions, you can contact us in various ways: WhatsApp, email, telephone and via the contact form.

We find it important that you need to do as little as possible. And still we maintain a low rate. We are even one of the cheapest providers of cleaners in The Netherlands.


2004 Bas Tolenaar decides to start a business that arranges vetted cleaners for individuals. This idea arose during his study, when a family member needed a cleaner.

2007 With the introduction of the regulation ‘dienstverlening aan huis’, Bas decides to adapt the cleaning concept; from now on the cleaners will work via this regulation and directly for the individuals.

2012 Since this year we provide our service throughout The Netherlands. We have cleaners available in each place.

2013 We have to move to a new office through growth; now we are working from our office at Oranjeboomstraat in Breda.

2015 Improved customer service: improved telephone accessibility and accessible via WhatsApp. There is also a new, clearer login system with a lot of improvements.

2017 We moved from our old office to a new one with characteristic features: the former beer brewery ''De Driehoefijzers''!

Business details

Brouwhuisplein 1 C4
4811DP Breda
Chamber of Commerce: 59635428
VAT: 853581265B01